In Pyramis, human resources are considered to be one of the company's main assets, thus the related investments are of top priority.

In total, Pyramis employs 423 people (324 men and 99 women), from which 22% in the management, 60% in the production in the headquarters of the company in Thessaloniki, and the rest 18% in its subsidiaries in Europe, Middle East and Asia. Of the administrative staff, 75% owns bachelor or master degrees on their fields while the average age of the employees is approximately 40 years. The average working experience in the company is 9 years, which is yet another proof of the company’s stability in the sector of Human Recourses.

Pyramis, focused on ensuring the proper, safe and healthy cooperation with its manpower, always cares to obtain the below parameters:

  • Additional benefits such as private insurance of its personnel or investments in the employees’ education with seminars organized either in or out of the company’s premises.
  • Reinforcement of the corporate relations with annual events, Christmas celebration, etc.
  • Offer of gift-cards, corporate gifts, and discount tickets for cultural events.
  • Safe transport to the company with private owned buses.
  • Implementation of flexible working hours for new mothers and extension of maternity leave.
  • Permanent employment and corporate doctor in the premises. Frequent medical care, vaccines and medical tests.
  • Practical training for the Safety Technicians, as well as the machine operators, for the better response to exceptional cases.
  • Nonsmoking working environment